Volleyball Trip to Puerto Rico: Revenge of the Wet Floor (Day 3)

Volleyball Trip to Puerto Rico: Revenge of the Wet Floor (Day 3)

HAVERFORD, Pa. – Volleyball is getting ready for the 2014 season with a preseason trip to Puerto Rico. The team departed the United States on Wednesday, August 20 and is scheduled to return on Sunday, August 24. Junior Sara Rennert is writing about the team's experience. The Fords' daily activities will be updated throughout the trip on HaverfordAthletics.com.

Friday, August 22

Puerto Rico Trip Photo Gallery (Courtesy of Meg O'Day and Sara Rennert)

The saga continues as the gym floor becomes dangerously slippery. With the intense humidity the gym floor becomes too slick to play on. Three of us (including myself) wiped out on the floor attempting to simply change directions. This resulted in us packing up halfway through practice and heading to a different gym. In the new gym we used mops to wipe up any wet spots on the court which was a step up from the towels we were using in the previous gym. Overall it was a decent practice. I think we're ready for our three games tomorrow.

After practice we went to eat lunch at a place in San Juan where the President had eaten. Nina Mutty, Meg O'Day, and Madison Fuelling even ate the same sandwich Obama had while he was there. The desserts served at the restaurant were delicious and the entire team enjoyed a yummy midday treat.

When we returned to the hotel some of the girls walked down to the beach to swim in the water. Today was a rainy day but the girls enjoyed the warm ocean water regardless of the weather.

Before dinner the team met up in a conference room for team building and bonding. We went to an Asian Bistro restaurant for dinner where half the time we were the only ones in the restaurant. The owner of the restaurant was an eccentric man who was a little too friendly throughout the meal. Many of the girls got fried rice or lo mein in platters that were too large to eat in one serving. Two dishes were even served in pineapple bowls. At the end of the meal the waiter lit a candle on a piece of flan and we sang a very happy 21st birthday song to the lovely Madison Fuelling.

Finally, a couple girls returned to the beach for some night swimming. The water was cool and refreshing even though we didn't stay in for very long. Shout out to Meg O'Day for facing her fear of sharks! The night ended with some more team bonding. We are excited to play our first games of the season tomorrow.

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