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Volleyball Trip to Puerto Rico: Travel Day (Day 1)

Volleyball Trip to Puerto Rico: Travel Day (Day 1)

HAVERFORD, Pa. – Volleyball is getting ready for the 2014 season with a preseason trip to Puerto Rico. The team departed the United States on Wednesday, August 20 and is scheduled to return on Sunday, August 24. Junior Sara Rennert is writing about the team's experience. The Fords' daily activities will be updated throughout the trip on

Wednesday, August 20

Puerto Rico Trip Photo Gallery (Courtesy of Meg O'Day and Sara Rennert)

3 p.m.: After a long plane ride full of light snoozing, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and hangman, the Haverford College volleyball team has arrived safely on the beautiful yet heavily humid island of Puerto Rico. A quick lunch at the ever exotic Subway sandwich chain and we are heading off to our first practice of the trip.

6 p.m.: In all the excitement of our imminent journey I took very little time to consider the intense humidity that comes with a tropical climate. Man is it moist out! I can't imagine it being any more humid than it is right now but Zoe [Wong] was in Japan this summer and said the humidity there was at 95 percent which is 20 percent higher than it is here. (This just in we saw our first rainbow). The gym we are practicing in is partially outside and from the sweat marks on our light gray jerseys I'd say these practices will be the hottest temperature we've ever played in as a team. Nevertheless it was a good and hard practice. We're now heading back to the hotel for pool time and food.

10 p.m.: The pool outside our hotel is lovely. Rainbow lights come on as the night gets darker and there is a pleasant waterfall. The team spent most of their evening swimming in the pool and relaxing in the jacuzzi. Pizza and salad was for dinner and the team played an enthusiastic game of Psychiatrist. Shout out to Meagan [MacPhee]and Zoe for winning the game! The night ended with a quick run to Baskin Robbins for those who wanted ice cream or sorbet. We are looking forward to our practice and rainforest hike tomorrow! Stay tuned!