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Isabelle Gotuaco '18

Isabelle Gotuaco '18

Name: Isabelle Gotuaco
Hometown: Manila Philippines
High School: The Lawrenceville School
Sport: Women's Squash

Why did you choose Haverford?
In the later years of high school, I knew very well which academic disciplines I'd come to love, but not at all what to do with them. So I thought it important to spend the next few years learning out how to make meaningful contributions to a community by doing what I like to do. I chose Haverford because its academic philosophy and curriculum structure builds for students a very unique place to learn and appreciate just that.

What does being a student-athlete mean to you?
It means having opportunities to constantly challenge and fine-tune myself. Having to keep track of both my academic and athletic performances means that I end up spend a lot of time working on myself by confronting, examining, and improving the student-athlete – and really, the person – that I want to be.

What is your favorite team experience?
I always enjoy lining up with the team for intros before a match.  

What makes Haverford unique?
I'm grateful for how supportive and generous Haverford, as a community, is. I've never seen any group of people so collectively invested in taking good care of each other. In an open and trusting community like this, students learn to take responsibility not only for themselves, but for one another.

What are your thoughts on the Honor Code?
I think the fact that it's there says a lot of about Haverford. To me, the value in the Honor Code consists in the community's commitment to constantly reviewing and refining it. That process allows the Honor Code to become a representation of what is important to us. When we come together to review the code, we are essentially asking what matters to us as a community, and this discussion becomes a way for us to relate to and understand one another.