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Zip Lining from Spain to Portugal (Women's Soccer in Portugal Day 5 Blog)

Zip Lining from Spain to Portugal (Women's Soccer in Portugal Day 5 Blog)

Photo gallery from trip!

Hey guys! I'M BACK!!

Day 5 started with a really early morning with breakfast at the hotel. We then started our long journey to our daily activity which was Zip lining! While many people caught an extra two hours of sleep on the way there, we were so excited to go on a new adventure. This zip line was not an ordinary zip line. It is the only cross country zip line in the world! We took a small boat across the river to Spain where the zip line started and after about 30 seconds you are back in Portugal.

The guide told us that we technically traveled back in time because Spain is one hour ahead so you would be arriving in Portugal 59 minutes earlier than where you started. After some people conquered their fear of heights, everyone made it safely to the other side despite an unexpected braking system.

Afterwards, we all sat down and enjoyed some ice pops and pasteis de natta (Portuguese custard tarts) before heading on our long trip to Lisbon. We went straight to a soccer stadium located in the middle of the city, where we were coached by local Portuguese trainers. It was a very fun experience! They brought a new style of coaching and playing that we all enjoyed learning. Lastly, we ended the day checking into our second hotel in Lisbon, eating some dinner, and doing a stretching session with Sabrina. We can't wait to explore Lisbon a little more tomorrow!

-Karlie Pollock '22

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