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Kayaking Adventures! (Women's Soccer Portugal Blog: Day 3)

Kayaking Adventures! (Women's Soccer Portugal Blog: Day 3)

Photo gallery from trip!

Day 3 was a fun one!! After waking up and having a team breakfast, we hopped on the bus and headed to Lagos for a kayaking tour. Obviously we were really excited to go kayaking in this beautiful country but we really didn't know what to expect. After meeting up with our tour guides (shoutout to Tiago), we paired up and learned the basics of kayaking in open water.

  1. Watch out for sharks, they apparently were spotted last week
  2. Put the stronger person in the back or else you will hit some rocks and go in circles
  3. Don't worry nobody will flip the kayak (unless you are Lindsay and Kendra)
  4. Paddle going away from you (but apparently not as aggressive as some of us were)
  5. When the winds and current start to pick up, get a boat to tow you back and make it into a white water rafting experience
  6. No life jacket really fits, it's all for show

After getting back to shore, we raced to grab a bite to eat for lunch in Lagos. Some of us ended up grabbing some quick food and went shopping while others sat down and took a little bit longer. We went back to the hotel for about two hours to rest and get ready for our second training session of the week! During this session we were able to open the field up a little bit and work on game situations to get ready to play against our first Portuguese opponents tomorrow!! Afterwards, we came back to the hotel and had some dinner and a mini rollout and stretch session on the grass overlooking the water behind our hotel. To end the night, we played our coach's favorite game: QUIZZO!! Although this one was Portugal edition, it was still filled with many laughs, arguments over what technically counts as the right answer, and a lot of educated guesses.

We look forward to our day tomorrow and can't wait to play a game!!

-Karlie Pollock '22

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