SAAC Profile: Ali Weiner '19

SAAC Profile: Ali Weiner '19

Ali Weiner dives at any opportunity offered to her within the Haverford community and beyond.

A sophomore on both the women's soccer and lacrosse teams, Ali prides herself in her connections with her teammates, and her strong value of togetherness contributes to her influence and commitment to the community as a whole. Through her role as a Peer Awareness Facilitator (PAF) in the Customs program, Ali guides discussion with first-year students, enhancing their awareness and expanding their perspective on relevant issues. Ali also works as a host and tour guide in the Admissions Office, where she contributes to the growth of our student body and provides positivity and insight to prospective students.

Her efforts towards community and personal development are consistent with her academic pursuits as an intended Anthropology major and Health Studies minor with a possible concentration in Peace, Justice, and Human Rights. Last year she took a class called Critical Disability Studies, from which she gained the understanding that disability, difference, and inequity are all socially produced. Since then, she has taken an interest in how to reconstruct the social factors that produce such inequality. This summer, Ali worked at Carousel Connections, a program that transitions young adults and adults that are neurodivergent or have physical or developmental "disabilities." She helped prepare participants for living independently, focusing on activities such as cooking and preparing meals, working jobs on campus, and balancing work and down time.

After Haverford, Ali hopes to attend graduate school for public health to continue her education on personal and community development with a goal to lessen the gap between the privileged and underserved populations.

As an active and caring member of our community, Ali's personal impact extends beyond solely her teams and athletics.

Written by Skyler Ellenburg '18