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Women's Soccer Volunteers with Kensington Soccer Club

Women's Soccer Volunteers with Kensington Soccer Club

HAVERFORD, Pa. – It may have been the traditional off-season for the Haverford College women's soccer program this past spring. However, the team was still visible on the soccer pitch as it volunteered its times at the Kensington Soccer Club. The Kensington Soccer Club is operated in large part due to the efforts of volunteer coaches to bring an affordable soccer program to the local community.

While giving of its time to the club, the women's soccer team has been responsible for running the intramural soccer program. The Haverford College players ran three to four 90-minute sessions with kids who ranged from ages 3-19 each Saturday. The sessions were based off of the US Soccer Foundation's Soccer for Success Program that combines learning soccer with nutritional information.

"Most of us on the team had access to youth sports and could afford to play on elite club teams. It was playing in these competitive leagues that enabled us to stay fit and active as well as helped many of us with the college admissions process," explained rising senior Abi Moeller, who coordinated the team's community involvement in this program. "Kensington Soccer Club allows every kid who wants to play soccer to have an opportunity to be on a team regardless of his/her ability. Working with Kensington Soccer Club gave all of us on the team an opportunity to support and give back to an organization that makes youth soccer possible for kids who would not have had the opportunity otherwise."

The original idea to volunteer with the soccer club came from alumna Elizabeth Levitan. Levitan put Moeller and the soccer team in touch with Dan Hardy, one of the volunteers in the club. The Kensington Soccer Club was started five years ago by local teacher and Kensington resident, Jim Hardy.

"We chose to work with Kensington Soccer Club because of its real need for coaches," added Moeller. "Volunteer work on our team allowed all of us to get out of our comfort zones and engage in a project that helped our local community. It's great for building teamwork and getting to know your teammates in a new setting. There is nothing that makes you stronger as teammates than figuring out how to coach 20 rambunctious under-11 boys!"

"One of the many reasons I love our program is how much our team takes initiative to make a positive impact on the community," explained Head Coach Jamie Gluck. "Soccer is a great sport and I'm thrilled that our team has had the opportunity to share its love and passion for the game."

Additional information about the Kensington Soccer Club can be found here.