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Student-Athlete Profile: Temma Levis '20

Temma Levis
Temma Levis

Name: Temma Levis
Sport: Softball
Hometown: Bronx, N.Y.
High School: Ethical Culture Fieldston School
Activities/Clubs/Committees: Customs Person, Stories that Live Fellow and Recruiter, Teaching Assistant at Thorne Kindergarten, First-Year Dean's Council

Why did you choose Haverford?
I chose Haverford because I wanted to attend a college with small classes that would challenge me academically and help me develop my interests. When I visited Haverford many students talked about the close relationships they had developed with their professors, and since being here I have felt that my professors care for me as both a student and as a person. In addition to choosing Haverford because of academics, after my overnight with the softball team I knew this was where I wanted to be. On my overnight, I learned how as an athlete you can still be involved in the larger Haverford community and take full advantage of both the academics and extra-curriculars offered here.

What is your favorite team experience?
One of my favorite team experiences is spring break when the team travels to Florida. This week is extremely busy. Over the course of six days we play 10 games and have one off day with our families. Of course finally getting to play outside on a field in 80 degree weather is amazing, but the best part is the team bonding. We all stay together in a house with the coaches and cook meals, watch tv, play games, and have fun together. One of my favorite moments was during my sophomore year when we had a foosball table in the house. Every night me and my teammates would play and sometimes our coaches would even play against us. I was not particularly good at playing foosball, but I had so much fun and lots of laughs trying.

Why did you choose to play a sport in college?
I decided to play a sport in college because I wanted to have four more years where I could compete and play the game I love. I have always enjoyed the comradery of a team and playing and having fun with my teammates and I wanted to continue that in college. I have made some of my best friends and most fond memories through softball. Playing in college has pushed me to become a better player, teammate, student, leader, and person.

What does being a student-athlete mean to you?
Being a student-athlete means I am always busy. By continuing to play softball in college I have made a commitment to both my life as a student and as an athlete. When thinking of how I am going to spend my time I need to prioritize both of those aspects of my life. It is not always easy, but I have my 14 teammates doing the same thing, which makes it all worth it.

What advice would you give a high school student considering Haverford?
Come visit and do an overnight with the team! The best way to tell if you would like it here is spending time with the people at Haverford and asking questions to find out what it is really like on a day to day basis. Ultimately, find a school that you love for more than just the athletic experience and one that allows you to pursue all of your interests.