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Men's Tennis Welcomes Back Alumni

Men's Tennis Welcomes Back Alumni

HAVERFORD, Pa. – The Haverford College men's tennis team hosted its annual Alumni Match earlier this month on Saturday, October 6. Many alumni returned to campus to meet with new men's tennis coach Brendan Kincaid, while retired head coach Sean Sloane and assistant coach Ken Norris '74 also came back to Haverford.

The varsity and the alumni competed in two rounds of doubles matches before playing another round of singles. Despite the varsity's win this fall, the alumni are still holding onto a slight 10-9 advantage in the all-time series. The two sides have also tied during the 1997, 2015, and 2017 seasons.

Doubles results
Josh Moskovitz/Kevin Yan def. Luis Acaba '16/Harrison Elbert '16, 8-4
George Jiang/Pranav Krishnan def. Thomas Kinrade '09/Nathaniel Sergay '12, 8-3
Arnav Patodia/Nick Sweeney def. Marc Rudolph '09/Hailiu Yang '11, 8-1
Jun Mo/Jackson Trevor def. Zack Mason '16/Keisuke Sawada '17, 8-3
Patrick Kley/Matthew Danielson def. Jeff Monhait '09/Penn Tong '09, 8-6
Andrew Linden/Kevin Xu def. Ronald Norris '70. Norris/Robert Swift '68, 8-1

George Jiang/Pranav Krishnan def. Luis Acaba '16/Harrison Elbert '16, 9-8(5)
Josh Moskovitz/Kevin Yan def. Thomas Kinrade '09/Nathaniel Sergay '12, 8-10
Jun Mo/Jackson Trevor def. Jeff Monhait '09/Penn Tong '09, 8-1
Arnav Patodia/Nick Sweeney def. Ankur Arya '12/John Cummings '14, 8-2
Scott Kozarsky/Andrew Linden def. David Benson '95/Stephen Griffiths '11, 8-6
Patrick Kley/Matthew Danielson def. Dhario DeSousa '16/Matthew Buczek '17, 8-4

Josh Moskovitz def. Nathaniel Sergay '12, 7-5
Kevin Yan def. Thomas Kinrade '09, 8-3
Nick Sweeney def. Hailiu Yang '11, 8-0
Arnav Patodia def. Randolph Moon '05, 8-3
Jackson Trevor def. Jeff Monhait '09, 6-2
Jun Mo def. John Cummings '14, 6-0
Matthew Danielson def. Matthew Buczek '17, 8-3
Patrick Kley def. Ankur Arya '12, 8-3
Scott Kozarsky def. David Benson '95, 9-8 (6) (5 match pts saved)
Andrew Linden def. Dhario DeSousa '16, 6-4