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Cricket hosts Amwell Valley

Cricket hosts Amwell Valley

HAVERFORD, Pa. - The Haverford College cricket team took on new competition on Saturday. First time regular-season visitors Amwell Valley Cricket Club showed up ready to play. With only an alumni match between now and the festival, the Fords looked to end their regular season with a win. Though a close game -- Amwell won in the 24th of 25 overs -- the score did not indicate their skill level as batsmen.

Amwell won the toss but gave Haverford the chance to choose to bat or field first. Hoping to rely on a much improved batting attack, Neilay Shah and Andriy Mshanetskyy opened the batting, bringing in 19 and 17 runs, respectively. The middle of the order then brought the run total up as Ziyad Madon set a personal best of 38 runs and Jake Hazen hit another 17 in with a solid final score of 125 runs in 25 overs.

Haverford's good fortune batting did not quite translate while fielding. Though bowler Shah set up an early catch taken by Mshanetskyy, it would be one of only two wickets taken. Opposing batsman Alan stayed in for over 15 overs and scored 56 runs, perfectly pacing his shot selection and rotation on strike. Though the Fords managed to hold them off until the 24th over, their batsmen knew exactly what to do and when to do it to keep pace to win the match with a final score of 126-125.

The Fords welcome the alumni to Cope Field on Saturday for a match beginning at noon.