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William Bannard '14 Baseball

William Bannard '14 Baseball

For many student-athletes, time management is an essential skill to a successful four years at Haverford. William Bannard, a junior baseball player from Richmond, Virginia, is no exception to this rule.

“Balancing my time is definitely the hardest overall thing about being a student athlete,” the shortstop and third baseman remarked. “It seems like there’s just never enough hours in the day.”

But like many other student-athletes at Haverford, Bannard finds a way to make it work. Besides helping his team clinch its first Centennial Conference title in Haverford history last May, Bannard further contributes to the campus as an Honor Council Co-Chair.

“For me the Honor Code really defines how any community should interact in that we should show trust, concern, and respect for one another,” Bannard said. “I’ve come to realize that it’s not something we think about every day, but rather a way of life.”

Outside of his commitments to the code during the school year, Bannard spent a month at Haverford this summer as part of his Honor Council duties. During that time he was able to work at the Haverford baseball camp. “I’ve always loved coaching, so getting the opportunity to work with kids on the field was a great experience for me.”

Day-to-day at Haverford, Bannard is a mathematics major with a minor in economics, looking forward to a potential career in analytics. “Combining that with my baseball background, I think it would be fascinating to work as a statistical analyst for a Major League team.”

Bannard tabs much of his athletic success at Haverford to head coach Dave Beccaria and assistant coaches Timmy McLean and Nat Ballenberg: “Their constant willingness to talk with me outside of the confines of their job really defines what it means to be at Haverford.” Bannard also gives major shout outs to teammates Jeremy Zoll ’12 and Nicki Miranda ’14, mentioning their motivational commitment to their sport to better themselves and the team.

While time is something that Bannard acknowledges as scarce, he emphasized how rewarding his commitments have been, both athletically and personally: “I’ve mentioned how special the bond between teammates has been for me here, but I also think it’s amazing how strong a bond athletes across sports have for one another. It often gets overlooked, but it means a lot and makes a big difference.”

SAAC is the College’s student-athlete advisory committee which discusses issues that affect the well-being of Haverford’s student-athletes on campus and within the Centennial Conference and the NCAA. For more information, please check out the SAAC website.

– Victoria Sobocinski ’13