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Luce Scholarship

The Luce Foundation each year offers a select group of young Americans an experience in Asia designed both to broaden their professional perspectives and to sharpen their perspectives of Asia, of America, and of themselves. The Luce Scholarship is experimental rather than academic in its nature. None of the participants is formally enrolled as a student in a college or university and no academic credit is extended. At the heart of the enterprise are the internships that are arranged for each Scholar on the basis of specific interest, background, qualifications, and experience. Requirements include U.S. citizenship, the possession of a B.A. degree or higher, that the applicant be no older than 29 years of age and be in good health. Selection is made on the basis of academic achievement, leadership ability, maturity, creativity, initiative, self-confidence, breadth of interest, enthusiasm, and sensitivity. The candidate must have a mature and clearly defined career interest in a specific field. Applications cannot be considered from those who already have had significant exposure to Asian culture or who have a specific career interest in Asian affairs.

1978 – Timur Galen (men’s soccer)
1983 – Mark Usellis (men’s golf)
1987 – Alistair Goodman (men’s soccer)
1990 – Mark Miller (men’s lacrosse)
1996 – Lane Savadove (men’s soccer)
1997 – David Plaut (men’s tennis)