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Medical Clearance Requirements for Participation  in Varsity/JV





Medical clearance is the process by which the health and fitness of a student-athlete is evaluated by the Haverford College health care providers (MD, DO,NP) to determine whether or not it is reasonably safe for the student-athlete to participate in athletics.  This is done upon arrival to campus as a first-year or transfer student or after a medical condition warrants further care. The ultimate authority in the medical clearance of any student-athlete lies with the Medical Director of the Health Services at Haverford College.

Every student-athlete, prior to any practice, competition or out-of-season conditioning activity, must have submitted all required paperwork to Health Services and Athletic Training Services. A health care provider (MD,DO,NP) at the Student Health Services and the Athletic Trainer will review all required paperwork and will determine whether or not a student-athlete is cleared for participation.  Where the student-athlete’s health history warrants, a trainer or physician/nurse practitioner at the college may require the student-athlete to be examined at the Student Health Services or by the appropriate specialist before medical clearance for intercollegiate athletic participation is granted. The Haverford College Medical Director retains the final authorization concerning the approval of any student-athlete for participation in any intercollegiate athletic activities at Haverford College.  The Health Services staff may disclose any pertinent information to the certified Athletic Trainers within the Athletic Department for the ongoing care of a student. The Athletic Trainers may disclose any pertinent information to the Health Services providers for the ongoing care of a student-athlete.  

If a student-athlete is under the care of a specialist, the student-athlete must give permission to Health Services and the Athletic Trainers to receive information indicating the nature of the condition, the care required, any activity-limiting factors associated with the condition, and recommendation of when the student-athlete may resume full athletic participation. An outside provider’s/consultant’s/or specialist’s treating information and/or opinion on progress and health status must be on file with Health Services in order to aid in the decision on the medical clearance by the College Medical Director.

All medical clearance decisions are communicated from Health Services to the Athletic Trainers who will then communicate to the student-athletes if they have not already been informed and the coach. The final medical clearance decision to participate as an athlete at Haverford College will be determined by Haverford College Health Services.



NCAA Manual  Mandatory Medical Examination.  Before participation in any practice, competition or out-of-season conditioning activities, student-athletes who are beginning their initial season of eligibility and students who are trying out for a team shall be required to undergo a medical examination or evaluation administered or supervised by a physician (e.g., family physician, team physician). The examination or evaluation must be administered within six months before participation in any practice, competition or out-of-season conditioning activities. In following years, updated history of the student-athlete's medical condition shall be administered by an institutional medical staff member (e.g., sports medicine staff, team physician) to determine if additional examinations (e.g., physical, cardiovascular, neurological) are required. The updated history must be administered within six months before the student-athlete's participation in any practice, competition or out-of-season conditioning activities for the applicable academic year. (Adopted: 4/11/11 effective 8/1/11)

NCAA Manual Confirmation of Sickle Cell Trait Status.  An institution shall confirm the sickle cell trait status of student-athletes, before participation in intercollegiate athletics.




First-Year/First Time Athletes/Transfers:

All first-year varsity athletes must complete the following requirements prior to practicing or competing with our varsity teams. Please note that these requirements are in addition to the college's requirements for all first-year students.

Please note - Students will not be able to access their HaverHealth Portal, Moodle or the Athletic Medical History until they are issued a Haverford ID – this typically becomes available to incoming first-years/transfers in early June.

All requirements for varsity athletes should be completed by July 22, 2019. Failure to meet this deadline could result in a delay in the student-athlete’s participation.


All Forms Required by Haverford College’s Health Services

Information about these matriculation requirements can be found on the First-Year Students Website.


Preparticipation Physical Exam

The Haverford College Athletic Department holds all of its varsity athletes to the NCAA requirement of a Preparticipation Physical Exam within 6 months of beginning their participation. This should be done using the form that is attached to this message and must be performed after February 1, 2019. Once complete, this form should be uploaded to your HaverHealth Portal by July 22, 2019. You will need a Haverford username and password to access the HaverHealth Portal.

Haverford Atheltics’ Preparticipation Physical Exam form can be obtained via contacting the coach of the sport that you plan to join or the Head Athletic Trainer.


Sickle Cell Requirement 

This is a 2-Part NCAA requirement that Haverford College requires from all of its varsity athletes.

PART 1 - Complete the educational portion by logging in to Moodle using your Haverford username and password. 

**Be sure to advance all the way through the class until you see confirmation that it is complete**.

PART 2 - Upload EITHER a blood test confirming your Sickle Cell status OR the waiver found in the above class into your Health Portal by July 22, 2019.

In many cases this testing has been done at birth and results should be available via the hospital or pediatrician.


On-Line Medical History

The form for first-year athletes can be found here: Medical History for Athletics

**This is a separate requirement from Health Services' medical history.

**Be sure to disable any software on your PC that may interfere with its submission**

You will need a Haverford username and password to access this questionnaire. This should be completed by July 22, 2019.


ImPACT Baseline Test

ImPACT is a software program that Haverford College subscribes to in order to assist in our management of sports-related concussions that are suffered by our student-athletes. By completing a baseline test prior to injury, we will be best able to facilitate your return to play/participation should you suffer a concussion during your career at Haverford College.

Take your test at: https://www. Haverford’s Customer Code can be obtained from either the Head Coach of the sport that you plan to join or the Head Athletic Trainer.

The baseline test should be completed by July 22, 2019.


Informed Consent Waiver

The requirement will be completed once you arrive on campus. 

**Student-Athletes who play contact sports may also be screened on campus by the College’s Orthopedic Consultant**

This will be scheduled by the Athletic Training staff and communicated through the Head Coaches.



Returning Student-Athletes:

Medical History Update 

In order to be medically cleared for participation in varsity athletics at Haverford College returning athletes must complete the following prior to July 22nd. If you do not complete this requirement by that deadline, you may not be cleared for the start of your season.

  1. On-Line Medical History Update - the form for returning athletes can be accessed here: Medical History Update
  2. Be sure to have your current health insurance information available and to disable any software on your PC that may interfere with its submission.


Informed Consent Waiver 

The requirement is completed at the first team meeting for each of our programs.



If a Student-Athlete Wishes to Join a Team After These Deadlines

Athletes may not participate in any aspect of the sport or training until all paperwork has been received, reviewed and clearance determined by the trainers and the health services providers.