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Joe Schwartz '83 Memorial 3K Run/Walk Information

Joe Schwartz '83 Memorial 3K Run/Walk Information

2018 Race Recap and Results

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Event History

In 2018, the race was another resounding success as the race and its accompanying events throughout ALS Awareness Week at Haverford raised over $11,000 for the ALS Association of Greater Philadelphia.

The race began and ended at Haverford's Founders Green for the sixth consecutive year. This year, 196 participants stuck through less than ideal conditions to complete the run or walk while overall attendance was noted at well over 250. In the 11 years of the event, the race has seen 2,131 participants and raised more than $77,000 dollars for the ALS Association.

Ben Siqueros '12 was the winner of this year's race in a time of 10:25. Joe's son, Elliot Schwartz '14, finished in second with a time of 10:38. The title by Siqueros broke a six-year overall title run by Schwartz. Sykes Cargile '21 (10:43) and Maya Behn' 18 (13:56) were the male and female student winners, respectively. Head Men's and Women's Squash coach Niki Clement was the top staff finisher with a time of 13:58.

Joe Schwartz graduated from Haverford College in 1983. He was a committed member of Haverford's cross country and track teams for the four years he attended Haverford, and he excelled in both sports.

He encouraged those who won MAC Championships as well as students who were casual participants to be part of something bigger than themselves. From the moment he stepped on the Haverford campus, Joe was integral in building a proud tradition of athletic excellence at this school.

In 1995, Joe contracted Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) at the age of 34. The cause, cure, and means of control of ALS are unknown. Symptoms of ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, include the wasting and paralysis of the muscles of the limbs and trunk as well as those that control vital functions such as speech, swallowing and respiration. Joe first noticed the symptoms when he was out training for road races. He courageously endured the hardships imposed by this cruel disease for thirteen years until his unfortunate death on March 2, 2008.

The Joe Schwartz '83 Memorial 3K Run/Walk is designed to attract the running superstar and the walking novice because that is exactly how Joe would want it. He simply loved people lacing up their shoes and enjoying the freedom to run and walk, a freedom that was deprived from Joe by ALS.

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