Darian Lunne '09

Darian Lunne '09

Hometown: Canfield, Ohio
High School: Western Reserve Academy
Major: Public Health, Concentration: Pre-med, Minor: Psychology
Activities: Women's cross country and track, Baha'i Club, Pre-Health Club, Baby-sitting, Street Outreach.

Favorite class?
There are too many to choose from! I think that I would like to use this question to address how grateful I am that Haverford College allowed me to design an independent major in Public Health and take courses that interest me. Classes such as: "Violence and Public Health", "Bodies of Injustice" and "Medical Ethics" expanded my understanding of issues that I find fascinating and have the potential to motivate students to better the world.

How the Haverford experience is unique?
I am so thankful for the opportunities that Haverford has granted me. Experiences such as: working at and AIDS organization in New York City over spring break, volunteering at an orphanage/ hospice for HIV patients in Guatemala for eight weeks and working with a pediatrician studying HIV in North Philadelphia have all opened my heart and mind to deeper understanding of a four gene virus gravely affecting the lives of millions.

What does it mean to you to be a student-athlete?
I like that the word “student-athlete” is hyphenated and not two words because in my life the two cannot be separated. I do not think that I could sanely do one without the other. In both areas the goal is the same: pursuit of excellence. Each role has taught me lessons that I need for the other such as determination, persistence, cooperation, and goal setting. I am grateful for the opportunity to do both.

Post-graduate plans:
I plan to take one year off before going to medical school. During this year off I hope to hike the Appalachian Trail with my mom, work on a farm in Oregon, do some type of Baha'i service project and nanny. If I end up going to medical school I am strongly interested in pediatrics, public health, and serving the underserved.

Favorite Haverford memory?
This is another impossible question because each day I find joy in the things I do whether it be having a mini food fight in the dining center, enjoying a wonderful conversation with my major advisor, going on a long run and ending up in the fountain of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Good company usually makes any experience worthwhile.