Jenine Abbassi '12

Jenine Abbassi '12

Why did you choose Haverford?
I chose Haverford because it stood out from all other colleges that I was looking at. I was really
drawn to the sense of community on campus and how intertwined the honor code is in student’s
daily lives. Haverford provided me with the opportunity to play competitive volleyball while still
receiving a great education from one of the leading liberal arts colleges. Haverford’s emphasis
on studying abroad was also really important to me and this past semester I had the opportunity
to study chemistry at Stockholm University in Sweden.

How the Haverford experience is unique?
What makes Haverford unique is the mutual trust and confidence between faculty and students,
which is otherwise difficult to obtain at bigger schools. Since the student:faculty ratio is small at
8:1, students are able to have a better relationship with faculty. Most of my classes have fewer
than 20 students and all of my professors know my name. For me, small class rooms provide
a comfortable space and a more productive way to learn. Instead of feeling like just another
student in a huge lecture hall, I can be confident in my relationships with my professors and am
less intimidated to ask questions in class.

What does it mean to you to be a student-athlete?
To me, being a student athlete means that you have as much of a commitment to your team
as you do to yourself. This translates to a rigorous schedule that is really important to follow,
because every aspect of your day feeds into the next. For example, it’s crucial to use free time
wisely and get work done throughout the day. That way you can ensure that you get enough
sleep to give your best performance in class and in the gym the next day.

Favorite Haverford memory?
My favorite Haverford memory thus far is winning the Centennial Conference my freshman
year. The program had just come off of its third consecutive conference championship, however
we were thought to be in a major rebuilding year since five seniors graduated and my class of
incoming freshmen accounted for more than half of the team. The preseason polls ranked us
in the top five of the conference, but we came back and beat Gettysburg at their home court
in 4 games. It was a great match and such an exhilarating feeling to see the team’s hard work
throughout the season pay off.

Favorite extra curricular activity?
Other than volleyball, my favorite extra curricular activity is being a part of the Pre-Health
Society at Haverford. I have been the president of Haverford and Hospitals for the past two years
and it has been a really rewarding experience. Haverford and Hospitals is a liaison between local
hospitals and students, and it allows students to volunteer in different departments according to
their interests.

Thoughts on the Honor Code:
The honor code is an essential foundation of Haverford’s community. It provides the opportunity
for students to voice their opinion about what needs to be changed around campus. A lot of the
honor code is based on self -discipline and taking responsibility for your actions. It also holds
students accountable to confront other students when they feel necessary. This ensures a solid
and mature community in which students look out for one another.