Sophie Eiger '14

Hometown: North Wales, Pa.
High School: North Penn
Major: Biology (Pre-Vet)
Activities: Haverford College Tour Guide, Rufus M. Jones Institute for Leadership Co-Chair, Research Assistant (Biology), Student Events Committee (SECs) Member, Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) Member.

How is the Haverford experience unique?
One of the most unique aspects of Haverford is our Honor Code. The Honor Code revolves around the three ideas of trust, concern, and respect and can be felt throughout our campus. Our administration, faculty, and coaches all take us seriously and genuinely care about our well-being; they truly are here to help us have the best possible experience at Haverford. The Honor Code also allows us to take self-scheduled or take home exams, which is wonderful!

How did you choose your major?
I initially came to Haverford with this idea that I was going to major in something within the sciences; I had always enjoyed those classes most in high school. After taking a variety of chemistry and biology classes, I realized that the biology major track was the one for me. I am seriously considering attending veterinarian school after graduating from Haverford, so for me it made sense to also major within the sciences. However, I know a lot of students who are considering attending medical school who are majoring outside of the sciences. I think that is another reason why Haverford is so incredible. Because Haverford is a liberal arts institution, students are able to get a well-rounded education.

What does it mean to you to be a student-athlete?
For me, being a student-athlete at Haverford means being able to receive one of the best possible educations in the nation while playing the sport I absolutely love. I like to tell people that there is no place, except for Haverford, where I get to take the classes that most interest me and also play soccer everyday with my absolute best friends. Being a student-athlete here means developing incredible relationships with my teammates as well as my peers and professors. It means being deeply involved in the community we have here at Haverford.