Fords set to open Centennial tournament on the road

Fords set to open Centennial tournament on the road

CHESTERTOWN, Md. – The Haverford College men's tennis team returns to the postseason with Wednesday afternoon's Centennial Conference tournament match at Washington College. The same two teams also played in the league's first-round contest last season with the Fords moving on to the semifinal round.

Last season, however, the Fords had defeated the Shoremen during the regular season. In 2012, host Washington (9-7, 6-3 CC) defeated Haverford (10-7, 6-3) in a hotly contested 5-4 victory. A 2-1 deficit after doubles play put the Fords in a hole and wins from Kevin Caulfield at No.1 singles, Natty Sergay at No. 2 and Matthew Cebul at No. 6 weren't quite enough to complete the rally.

Haverford will try to reverse the doubles result on Wednesday and will likely look to clinch the match at the top of its singles ladder.

Washington's strengths seem to lie in the bottom of its singles and doubles line-ups. The Shoremen's Nos. 5 and 6 singles slots have a combined 22-9 record over the season and the 3- and 4-singles spots are 17-14. Meanwhile, Washington's top two singles spots have produced a combined 11-21 mark.

In doubles play, the Shoremen have posted a 9-7 record at No. 3, 8-8 at 2 and only 6-10 at the top spot.

In contrast, Haverford has produced winning records at each of those same singles combinations -- 25-9 at Nos. 1 and 2, 19-15 at 3 and 4, and 20-14 at 5 and 6 -- and have winning marks at 1-doubles (11-6) and 3-doubles (9-8) with the No. 2 doubles spot coming in with an 8-9 season mark.

The winner of Wednesday's match will move on to the semifinal round to take on host and top-seed Johns Hopkins University on Saturday in Baltimore, Md.