Alex Spiliotes '12

Alex Spiliotes '12

Hometown: Bethesda, Md.
High School: St. Albans
Major: English
Activities: Senior Interviewer for Admissions, Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, Writer for “Without a Noun” satire magazine, Customs Person and representative on Customs Committee (2009-2010), Varsity Baseball (2008-2009).

Why did you choose Haverford?
I chose Haverford because it gave me an opportunity to pursue both my academic and athletic goals without compromising one for the other. I have been able to devote significant time to the interesting and challenging classes I have taken at Haverford while still training year-round for squash. Going into freshman year, I hoped that I could push myself both academically and athletically at Haverford, and I have absolutely been able to do that.

How is the Haverford experience unique?
Haverford’s small size makes it really easy to get to know people. The student body here also has a wide range of interests and talents, so I’ve been able to meet and become friends with a very diverse group of people.

How did you choose your major?
I was confident I wanted to be an English major before starting my freshman year, but I gave myself a chance to take political science, religion, and economics classes to see if any other fields interested me as much as English. I enjoyed those classes, but I still loved my English courses more than the others, so the decision ended up being easy for me.

What is your favorite Haverford memory?
Beating Swarthmore at home this past year was awesome. Both teams had a lot of fans at the match, and we ended up winning 7-2 in an intense environment.