2016-17 Haverford College Men's Fencing Roster

Name Weapon Yr. Hometown/High School
Jake Bassinder full bio Jake Bassinder Epee Sr. Point Pleasant, N.J. / Ranney School
Gabriel Braun full bio Gabriel Braun Sabre So. Seattle, Wash. / The Northwest School
Eric Gardner full bio Eric Gardner Epee Sr. Warren, N.J. / Watchung Hills Regional
John Hare full bio John Hare Sabre Fy. East Greenwich, R.I. / East Greenwich
Jack Leighninger full bio Jack Leighninger Foil Fy. Hamilton, Ontario / Westdale Secondary
Ching Li full bio Ching Li Foil Sr. San Francisco, Calif. / Galileo Acad. of Sci. and Tech.
Henry Li full bio Henry Li Sabre So. Bayside Hills, N.Y. / The Bronx HS of Science
Kadan Lottick full bio Kadan Lottick Epee Fy. Woodbridge, Conn. / Amity Regional
Devin Louis full bio Devin Louis Sabre Jr. New Rochelle, N.Y. / New Rochelle
Edward Ogborn full bio Edward Ogborn Epee So. Littleton, Colo. / Jefferson County Open School
David Parker full bio David Parker Sabre So. Westfield, N.J. / Newark Academy
Russell Rivera full bio Russell Rivera Foil Fy. Piedmont, Calif. / The College Preparatory School
Pablo Thiel full bio Pablo Thiel Epee Fy. Austin, Texas / Saint Stephen's Episcopal School
Ian Wheeler full bio Ian Wheeler Epee/Foil Jr. Westford, Vt. / Essex
Yan Yan Xie full bio Yan Yan Xie Foil Fy. Chappaqua, N.Y. / Horace Greeley