Roxanne Jaffe '12

Roxanne Jaffe '12

Why did you choose Haverford?
I chose Haverford for a lot reasons. I wanted a rigorous academic program, at a school that also cared
about athletics. A number of schools fit this description, but Haverford had much more for me than just
difficult classes and a great athletic department. Haverford has a great sense of community that is largely
a reflection of the honor code. More than anything though, I chose Haverford because the students seem
happy, and genuinely believe that Haverford is a great place.

How the Haverford experience is unique?
Haverford really is like no other place. While many colleges have honor codes, none seem to have an
honor code that is as important to the students, faculty, and staff as Haverford’s honor code. Our honor
code impacts both academic and social life and is upheld by the students. Haverford students are in
charge of the ratification of the honor code!

What does it mean to you to be a student-athlete?
Being a student-athlete means much more than taking classes and having practice or games after class.
It means having another support system and lots of close friends. It also means being a representative of
your college outside of campus.

Favorite Haverford memory?
One of my fondest memories at Haverford is sitting in the auditorium during freshman orientation with
the rest of my class, listening to the welcome presentation. That’s when I realized Haverford is a special

Thoughts on the Honor Code:
The honor code really is the core to life at Haverford. It’s hard to understand, though, if you’re not a part
of it. The honor code means closed-note, timed tests that are also unsupervised. Coming to Haverford
means living with the honor code which is a big responsibility.

What advice would you give a high school student considering Haverford?
My best advice to high school students is to visit. If possible, do any overnight stay on campus. Taking
tours and attending info sessions are useful, but it was not until I stayed with another Haverford student
that I realized Haverford was the place for me.